Stranger Things: Metallica Reacts to "Master of Puppets" Scene in Season 4

Stranger Things has always borrowed all manner of pop culture elements from the '80s to help immerse audiences in that time period, with Season 4 arguably delivering the series some of its best musical moments. In the Season 4 finale, Eddie Munson (Joseph Quinn) plays Metallica's "Master of Puppets" in a key scene in order to distract deadly demobats, with the intensity of the sequence matching the intensity of the title track from Metallica's 1986 album. The band shared a statement on the usage of the song, detailing how it was an "incredible honor" to be used, especially during such a pivotal sequence. Stranger Things Season 4 is now streaming on Netflix.

"The way The Duffer Brothers have incorporated music into Stranger Things has always been next level, so we were beyond psyched for them to not only include 'Master of Puppets' in the show, but to have such a pivotal scene built around it," the band shared on their Instagram account. "We were all stoked to see the final result and when we did we were totally blown away... it's so extremely well done, so much so, that some folks were able to guess the song just by seeing a few seconds of Joseph Quinn's hands in the trailer!! How crazy cool is that? It's an incredible honor to be such a big part of Eddie's journey and to once again be keeping company with all of the other amazing artists featured in the show."

Over the past month, another key Stranger Things song has gone viral and dominated all of social media, which is Kate Bush's "Running Up That Hill (A Deal With God)." In addition to the song itself being effective for its more surface-level qualities, the inclusion of the song tied directly into the narrative. The effectiveness of the song hasn't only resulted in a new generation uncovering the track, but has reportedly scored Bush herself millions, as she is the sole owner of the song and nets all the profits from its popularity.

Given the long-running success of Metallica, the use of "Master of Puppets" might not compete with the significance of Bush's contributions, but will surely see some viewers revisiting the band's catalogue.

Stranger Things Season 4 is now streaming.


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