The Craft: Legacy Star Still Hasn't Seen the Original

Released in 1996, The Craft is a cult classic with the supernatural horror film's tale of four outcast teenage girls’ pursuit of witchcraft and the dramatic -- and terrifying -- result of that pursuit becoming a must-watch for many. The iconic film recently got a sequel of sorts in The Craft: Legacy, and while the new film has a significant tie to the original, star David Duchovny admits he hasn't seen the original at all.

Speaking with Entertainment Tonight, Duchovny explained what about The Craft: Legacy attracted him to the project, addressing the film's political commentary, but he also admitted that he hasn't seen the original film.

"It functions on the level of scaring and functions on a level like allegory or political commentary and I really wanted to be a part of that," Duchovny said. "I mean, I thought it was really smart and really current and I liked what it was saying."

When asked if he'd seen the original The Craft at all, the actor just shook his head, indicating that he hadn't.

To an extent, it's not surprising that Duchovny hasn't seen The Craft. The film has over the years become something of a rite of passing for young women and indeed, strongly appealed to teens and young women when it was first released as well. The Craft: Legacy also is just enough of its own standalone story with its own themes Duchovny's villain, Adam Harrison, doesn't necessarily need a lot of influence from the first film to work.

But when it comes to where the story begun in The Craft and carried through The Craft: Legacy goes next, it may not be over just yet. The Craft: Legacy writer-director Zoe Lister-Jones recently addressed the possibility of a third film in the franchise.

“We don’t know [if we’ll get to make another]. That’s really for the people to decide,” Lister-Jones explained. “I do [have ideas]. And I always had imagined… I sort of wrote this film with a third in mind. But yeah. We’ll see how this one goes.”

"I think it would be such a dream for all of us to work together again," Lister-Jones continued. "It truly was a magical experience. And I think really transformative for all of us. So, it would be incredible to reunite and get in there again with all of these incredible women."


The Craft: Legacy is now available on Video On Demand.

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