The Munsters: Elvira Teases Her Role in Rob Zombie Reboot Is "So Different" From Previous Projects

As if the upcoming movie adaptation of The Munsters hadn't already earned enough excitement for director Rob Zombie's casting decisions, the filmmaker revealed earlier this month that Cassandra Peterson, the performer behind Elvira, had also joined the cast, though Peterson recently revealed that her role might not be entirely what audiences are expecting. Given the notoriety she has earned for Elvira, some fans might expect her to be bringing her Mistress of the Dark to the project, though the performer noted this is one of the rare instances where she's playing an entirely different character from her iconic persona. The Munsters doesn't yet have a release date.

"Here, I am playing this character that's so, so different from what I normally do, I'm playing a super straight character," Peterson revealed to Variety. "Barbara is a normal woman, this real estate agent. It was exciting and terrifying, but it was really cool."

Peterson playing a "super straight character" might not come as a surprise following Zombie's confirmation of the casting, as his Instagram post featured the actor in a more modest outfit as compared to the iconic black dress that she sports while playing Elvira.

"Straight from the set of The Munsters is your first look at Barbara Carr, the #1 real estate agent in all of Mockingbird Heights," Zombie detailed in the announcement. "Barbara is played by none other the Cassandra Peterson. Yes, the Mistress of the Dark has joined the cast of The Munsters."

The core cast features Jeff Daniel Phillips as Herman Munster, Sheri Moon Zombie as Lily Munster, and Dan Roebuck as Grandpa "The Count" Munster.

"I had the best time with all of the actors that I was working with, and we had so much fun," Peterson expressed. "The people there, the set, they built the house -- oh, my God, it was just all magical. It was like The Munsters came alive. It was insane."

She added, "Sheri is freaking adorable as Lily Munster. I see on social media people asking, 'Why is Rob always casting her?' Because she's freaking good. I think she killed it and people will be really surprised and really like her character."

Despite the intense tone of Zombie's other projects, it was recently confirmed that the new project secured a PG rating. This also means that a cut of the film is seemingly completed, with fans hopeful that an official look at the project could be on the way.

Stay tuned for details on The Munsters film.

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