Trick 'r Treat Star "Couldn't Say No" to Starring in Sequel

Another October, another Halloween season without a proper sequel to the 2007 cult horror movie Trick 'r Treat. A follow-up has been in the cards for a few years now with writer/director Michael Dougherty routinely noting he'd still love to work on the project, but alas still nothing. One cast member from the original film has revealed that they'd love to show up though, but we're guessing they'll have to perhaps take on a new role since they might have outgrown their costume. Speaking with Bloody Disgusting, Trick 'r Treat star Quinn Lord, who played the mischievous little Sam in the original film, is ready to return.

"Well, I couldn't say no to a Trick 'r Treat sequel," Lord told the outlet when asked if he'd ever return to the horror genre. "But I'm not really in charge of that. You have to ask Michael Dougherty about that." To his credit, Dougherty has passed the buck off to the production company and rights holders, Legendary Entertainment. Back in 2013, eight years ago now, Legendary formally announced that Trick 'r Treat 2 was in the works but haven't offered an update on it since. They have continued to work with Dougherty though, producing his other two feature films as director, 2015's Krampus and 2019's Godzilla: King of the Monsters.

Speaking in his annual update on the matter back in 2019 the filmmaker said: "Listen, I'm intrigued by the idea and it's completely up to Legendary. It's been a few years since we initially talked about it and there's been a regime change since then. They still have the property and they love it and there's still a long line of merchandise and a continuing line of comic books based on the film but the ball is in their court. The moment they say they're interested and ready to go, we'll see if the stars align."  


For those unfamiliar with the film, which you can catch on HBO Max amid its amazing Halloween programming hub, it's an anthology movie drenched in the spirit of Halloween and telling several interconnected stories that bring to life werewolves, zombies, vampires, serial killers, and other tricks. The film also featured a stacked ensemble cast of the era, many of whom have gone on to be even bigger names, including Dylan Bake, Anna Paquin, and Brian Cox.