Arnold Schwarzenegger Used Massive Knife To Carve Thanksgiving Turkey, Donated 500 Turkeys To Feed The Hungry

Arnold Schwarzenegger is celebrating Thanksgiving at home with his family and helping out those in need. The Terminator star donated 500 turkeys to the Hollenback Center in Los Angeles. Those people will no doubt have enjoyed the food today as they got their celebrations rolling. Make no mistake things are a little bit different this year for households across the United States. With the coronavirus pandemic still going on, the travel plans of many families have been called into question. Stars like Schwarzenegger are also calling for people to try and remain as safe as possible while celebrating the holiday responsibly. The actor couldn't be on hand to physically hand out the turkeys at the center, but the gesture remains great for people who wouldn't be able to afford their meals this holiday season.

He wrote on Twitter, "Happy Thanksgiving! Be thankful, be safe, and if you're able, give back. Every year, I donate 500 turkeys in East LA to the Hollenbeck Center. This year I couldn't be there in person to celebrate together, but I sent the turkeys. What do you do to give back during the holidays?"

Just last month, Schwarzenegger had heart surgery in Cleveland. He thanked the brave men and women at the Cleveland Clinic for helping him get a new aortic valve. The Terminator star has been encouraging fans to stay positive and stay safe inside over the course of the summer. The star has been out riding bikes and enjoying life in the time since. Now, he's on the mend and ready to tear into some turkey this holiday season.

Schwarzenegger said on Twitter after the surgery, "Thanks to the team at the Cleveland Clinic, I have a new aortic valve to go along with my new pulmonary valve from my last surgery. I feel fantastic and have already been walking the streets of Cleveland enjoying your amazing statues. Thank you to every doc and nurse on my team!"


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