Coca-Cola Reveals New "Space-Flavored" Soda

Coca-Cola announced Coca-Cola Starlight this week and the Internet is super intrigued. The company said the new beverage is "inspired by space" and that made social media users start trying to determine what the flavor of this soda could possibly be. After all, space could taste like a number of things. The product description says the drink contains "notes reminiscent of stargazing around a campfire, as well as a cooling sensation that evokes the feeling of a cold journey to space." So, what do you think that tastes like? The answers are out there in the void apparently. It's an exciting announcement for soda fans as Starlight will be offered in coral and zero sugar variants. Apparently, the taste will still be similar to the regular soda, but the 'reddish hue' of these bottles has people thinking something else is up. Check out what the company had to say about it's newest product down below.

"Thirty-five years ago, Coca-Cola partnered with NASA to become one of the first soft-drinks to travel to space," Oana Vlad, Senior Director, Global Brand Strategy said. "That same passion for space still exists today. With Coca-Cola Starlight, we wanted to celebrate the remarkable ability of space exploration to inspire generations to discover new worlds of infinite possibilities. We set out to bring that concept to life through a simple sip, capturing some of the mystery and essence of what we love about space."

"For over a century, Coca-Cola has maintained its iconic status around the world as a symbol of optimism that has refreshed generations. When we launched 'Real Magic,' we wanted to connect with and celebrate the experiences that bring joy to young people today, and that has taken us to an exciting new territory," Vlad continued "Coca-Cola Creations aims to surprise, delight and engage global audiences through magical and unexpected tastes, moments and collaborations – something we know our fans have come to expect from us."

If all of this wasn't far out enough, Ava Max will be performing augmented reality concerts that you can access by scanning cans. She talked about the wild opportunity in the release.

(Photo: Coca-Cola Company)

"Coca-Cola Starlight takes people on a journey in the same way that music has the ability to transport listeners to new worlds with each song," said Ava Max. "It's been exciting to collaborate with Coca-Cola on this project. We wanted to create an other-worldly experience – through technology. I hope people enjoy this rendition of Kings & Queens, as well as the other tracks to come."

What do you think it tastes like? Let us know down in the comments!