Goldfish Partners With Dunkin' for Limited-Edition Pumpkin Spice Flavor

There are a number of indicators that let us know that the Halloween season is right around the corner, whether that be the cooler weather or seasonal decorations starting to appear in stores, but a big signal that the spooky season is upon us is the debut of pumpkin spice-flavored versions of beloved snacks. This year, Pepperidge Farm is unveiling a new flavor for Goldfish, in which they are skipping over a generic pumpkin spice flavor and instead embracing the signature flavor from Dunkin'. While the treats will start hitting shelves officially in September, fans can get them early through an activation on TikTok.

Per press release, "Goldfish is partnering for the first time with Dunkin' to bring fans a new flavor to fall for with limited-edition Goldfish Dunkin' Pumpkin Spice Grahams. The limited-time flavor will be available starting September 1st wherever Goldfish are sold for a suggested retail price of $3.39 per 6.6 oz bag. Plus, beginning on August 18th at 12 p.m. ET, Goldfish and Dunkin' are giving fans an early access opportunity to purchase these grahams by releasing a limited quantity exclusively through GoldfishSmiles on TikTok before the seasonal product starts officially rolling out in stores this September.

"With notes of pumpkin, donut glaze, and warm spices -- including cinnamon, cloves, and nutmeg -- Goldfish Dunkin' Pumpkin Spice Grahams give fans another exciting way to celebrate a season that pumpkin spice enthusiasts look forward to all year. These limited-edition grahams are the latest in an exciting line of Goldfish limited-time product offerings that has included Frank's RedHot Crackers, OLD BAY Seasoned crackers, and Jalapeno Popper.

"Pumpkin spice lovers, rejoice! Starting on August 18th at 12 p.m. ET, Goldfish and Dunkin' are giving fans an early access opportunity to purchase Goldfish Dunkin' Pumpkin Spice Grahams by releasing a limited quantity exclusively through TikTok. Fans can head to the link in bio at GoldfishSmiles for a chance to purchase, while supplies last! In appreciation for the generations that made Pumpkin Spice the unofficial theme of fall, the two brands wanted to give fans and pumpkin spice enthusiasts early access to this limited-time product on the platform they love the most. Beyond buzz-driving banter on Twitter, the utilization of TikTok allows Goldfish to continue delivering new experiences and building connection points with consumers in an authentic and playful way. Be sure to tag @GoldfishSmiles and @dunkin on social media to show us how you're enjoying Goldfish Dunkin' Pumpkin Spice Grahams this fall." 

"We continue to take Goldfish to the next level with new, delicious, and unexpected partnerships. The new Limited-Edition Goldfish Dunkin' Pumpkin Spice Graham crackers bring together two fun and iconic brands to give pumpkin spice lovers a new way to experience the sweet side of their favorite snack," Janda Lukin, chief marketing officer, Campbell Snacks, shared in a statement. "This is the first time Goldfish is tapping into the pumpkin spice season and we couldn't be more excited to partner with the brand that knows pumpkin spice the best."

"Together with Goldfish, we're bringing fans a new snack to reach for during one of the most popular seasons of the year: pumpkin spice season!" Brian Gilbert, vice president of retail business development at Dunkin', added. "Limited-edition Goldfish Dunkin' Pumpkin Spice Grahams embody everything we love about this special time, from the warm pumpkin spices you find in our delicious latte or notes of our classic donut glaze in our baked goods. We're confident this will be a real treat for all the pumpkin spice aficionados out there."

Head to GoldfishSmiles on TikTok to purchase Goldfish Dunkin' Pumpkin Spice Grahams now before they hit shelves on September 1st.

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