Disneyland Closing Haunted Mansion in 2020 for Extensive Renovation

Every attraction at the various Disney Parks, no matter how great, has to be fixed and cleaned up from time to time. As things get old they have to be made a little newer in order to keep up with the hordes of guests visiting the parks each and every year. This is especially true of the older rides, like The Haunted Mansion, which just celebrated its 50th anniversary. In just over one month's time, The Haunted Mansion atrraction at Disneyland will close down for an extended period of time as it undergoes renovations.

Don't worry, they aren't changing The Haunted Mansion or updating to include an Eddie Murphy animatronic. The ride itself, as well as the design of the attraction will be staying the same. There is simply a lot of upkeep to do on both the interior and exterior of the mansion, and it'll take a couple of months to get it all done.

The Orange County Register reports that the renovations and refurbishments are slated to begin on January 21, 2020, and will last apporximately two months. These renovations coincide with the ending of Haunted Mansion's Nightmare Before Christmas holiday-themed run. The Haunted Mansion should reopen in late March or April.

Both the exterior and interior of the mansion need new paint and trim, which will be addressed during the repairs, as well as lighting and mechanical work for the ride itself inside the building. There will be a "refreshed" look to the ride once the repairs are completed in the spring, but again, there will be no structural changes to the attraction itself. After rides like Pirates of the Caribbean were updated to include characters and stories from Disney movies, Haunted Mansion fans will certainly be happy to see the beloved ride left alone.


Disneyland has a couple of attractions set to be repaired this year. Snow White's Scary Adventure will be getting a "happily ever after" update and Indiana Jones Adventure is getting some changes as well.