Heinz Introduces New Upgraded "Chef-Inspired" Condiment Line

We are living in a golden age of condiments. Japanese mayo has been a major food trend thanks to TikTok. Mustards have not only been upgraded with new flavors and blends, but last year even got its own wine. And ranch remains an ever-popular flavor adventure as well. But now, Heinz wants to elevate the sauce, spread, and condiment experience with the release of a new line of chef-inspired delights, the Heinz 57 Collection.

Announced earlier this week. the Heinz 57 Collection is intended to "make culinary trends more accessible" according to the brand and features a line of sauces that not only offers a range of flavors but embraces different food cultures as well. The collection features two product lines, Infused Honeys and Crunch Sauces and was developed by chefs Lee Wolen and Joe Frillman.

"I am inspired by premium-crafted ingredients that can turn any meal from ordinary to extraordinary," said Michelin-star Chef, Lee Wolen. "The HEINZ 57 Collection enables foodies to discover and explore new ingredients and cuisines with a modern twist to even the most tried and true family favorites."

The Infused Honeys are just that, honey sauces infused with flavors and can be used on pretty much everything from pizza to bacon to fried chicken and beyond. They are offered in two flavors, Hot Chili and Black Truffle. The Crunch Sauces bring a little extra to the plate, with both texture and flavor. They are an oil-based product and are offered in Chili Pepper Crunch, Roasted Garlic Crunch, and Mandarin Orange Miso Crunch flavors.

"As an iconic brand, HEINZ aims to accelerate culinary trends and create pathways for everyday consumers to discover vast culinary cultures," said Ashleigh Gibson, Head of Marketing & Strategy, HEINZ. "With the increase in chef-inspired cooking, the HEINZ 57 Collection enhances culinary creations and transforms traditional dishes into dynamic creations."

The new Heinz 57 Collection is available nationwide at Walmart and other participating retailers, including Publix, Hy-Vee, and Meijer as well as is available on Amazon.

What do you think about the new Heinz 57 Collection? Are you more interested in the honeys or the crunch sauces? What is your favorite new trendy condiment or food? Sound off with your thoughts in the comment section!