Hugh Jackman Trolls Ryan Reynolds in Front of Face Mask Poster

The ongoing feud between Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds continues to rage on social media. As a constant source of entertainment for their many fans, Reynolds and Jackman have made the most of their friendly battle amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Jackman offered the latest shot as they both work together to promote their beverage companies for Sam's Club, posing in front of a poster of Reynolds wearing a mask to his Instagram Stories. This is in retaliation to Reynolds inserting himself into one of Jackman's own pictures. Obviously, this feud isn't dying down soon.

You can view Jackman's story below as well as Reynolds', who shared the image to his own social media page. The poster is by street artist @1penemy.

Screen Shot 2020-11-04 at 12.35.41 PM
(Photo: Instagram)
Screen Shot 2020-11-04 at 12.36.04 PM
(Photo: Instagram)

You can check out a closer look at @1penemy's art in the post below. "My crazy matches your crazy @vancityreynolds @deadpool @castlegrade cover your face and save lives. Never know where I will strike," they wrote.

Jackman and Reynolds recently amused their fans by calling a temporary truce in their long-running "feud." They did it for a good cause, supporting the All-In Challenge during the pandemic, though Jackman says his and Reynolds rivalry is far from over.

As for Reynolds' upcoming movies, the actor will be seen next in Free Guy, which is currently sticking to its guns with its 2020 release date.


"I always look at like, sports movies are good metaphors," Reynolds said during a virtual Free Guy press conference. "The greatest sports movies ever made are not actually about sports. Field of Dreams, I wouldn't characterize that as a baseball story. They used baseball as a vehicle to tell a really beautiful story about a son and a father trying to connect. And I think that we're doing the same thing. We're using the video game world, the Free City world, and video game culture, as a sort of a vehicle to tell this really beautiful and powerful human story."

Free Guy is currently expected to be released on December 11th.