Jessica Alba Almost Stepped on a Rattlesnake and Her Reaction Is Priceless

Jessica Alba, star of the Bad Boys spinoff television series L.A.'s Finest, got closer to a rattlesnake than expected. Alba was posing for a photo when she noticed the five-foot-long creature at her feet. In a video posted to Alba's Instagram, the camera operator requests, "Hey, Jess, we should get one without your mask in portrait mode." Alba moves to oblige, removing her cloth mask and stepping in front of a nearby statue. Then she looks down, jumps back, and exclaims, "Ooh, s—!" After Alba backs away, the cameraman gets close enough to see what startled her, stating that "There's a rattlesnake, right there." Someone else standing off-camera says, "Oh crap, it's a rattlesnake, get the hell out of there."

Alba shared the video and photos with an appropriate caption. She writes, "When u unknowingly walk over a 5ft 🐍 rattle☠️🙀🤯.... 🛑adult language."

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When u unknowingly walk over a 5ft 🐍 rattle☠️🙀🤯.... 🛑adult language

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Comic books fans may know Alba best for playing the Invisible Woman in two Fantastic Four movies and Nancy Callahan in two Sin City movie. Alba currently stars in L.A.'s Finest opposite Gabrielle Union. The series premiered on Spectrum in 2019, making it the first Spectrum Original series, with a second season on the way. The first season will make its broadcast premiere on FOX on September 21st.

Alba also joined Netflix's upcoming action-thriller titled Trigger Warning. In the film, Alba plays "a traumatized veteran who inherits her grandfather's bar, and is faced with a moral dilemma after discovering the truth behind his untimely death."

In April, Alba's company, The Honest Company, began sending support to families affected by the coronavirus pandemic, specifically those forced "to choose between diapers and a meal and they shouldn't have to," as she explained to Jimmy Fallon. "We've donated 3 million diapers, 20,000 wipes, 20,000 personal care products," Alba said. "That is the number one need for families right now who are living in poverty but also families who are out of work.


"I've gotten a lot of people reaching out to me on Instagram thanking me because where their diapers and wipes and shampoo and hand sanitizer is gone at the stores, they can go to our website and they're getting subscriptions of our products, our cleaning products, everything, and they can just get it. And we have a very rigorous way that we deliver to people and make sure that the workers are safe."

Photo by NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images