Pringles Debuts Spooky Glow In The Dark Cans for Halloween

September is here and that means we are officially in spooky season and the countdown is on for [...]

September is here and that means we are officially in spooky season and the countdown is on for Halloween. Now, just in time for everything to get eerie, Pringles is getting into the spirit and dressing up two fan-favorite flavors, Sour Cream and Onion and Original, with the release of new limited-edition Glow-in-the-Dark cans.

On Tuesday, Pringles announced the launch of "Sour Scream & Onion" and "Oooriginial" Glow-in-the-Dark cans. The cans are designed to offer snack fans a salty treat during a season of candy sweets while also providing a fun bit of Halloween festive. The cans feature a hand wrapped up mummy-style holding the iconic Pringles chip and, when the lights are off, the hand as well as the Pringles logo all glow in the dark giving a fun but eerie glow. You can check them out for yourself in the photo below to get an idea for how they look festive both with lights on and with lights off.

pringles glow in the dark can
(Photo: Pringles)

"We're thrilled to give the classic taste of Pringles crisps a fun seasonal spin and bring some unnecessary genius to Halloween with our new Glow-in-the-Dark cans," said Gareth Maguire, Senior Director of marketing for Pringles. "This spooky take on our fan favorite Sour Cream & Onion and Original flavors is a great way to give our fans something to get excited for this Halloween season."

These limited-edition Pringles Sour Scream & Onion and Oooriginal Glow-in-the-Dark cans are available nationwide starting this month, though they will only be available while supplies last. Halloween fans wanting to enjoy this spooky-themed version of the popular treats will want to act fast to make sure they get their hands -- mummy wrapped or otherwise -- on them for the holiday.

Will you be checking out the special glow in the dark Pringles cans for Halloween? What is your favorite flavor of Pringles? Let us know how you plan to enjoy Halloween and spooky season this year, including your favorite snacks, in the comment section.