Pringles Releases Out-of-This-World Super Bowl 55 Ad

So it begins. With Super Bowl 55 just days away, the onslaught of Big Game ads have started to surface online. First, it was Coors Light trying to train you into seeing its ad while you sleep, or Miller Lite's calorie-burning spot. Now, Pringles is heading to space as it unveils its Big Game spot in the moments leading up to Sunday.

Spinning out of a Rick & Morty ad that went viral last year, Pringles sticks with the chip stacking theme as it features various products within the ad — from the classic Pizza and Cheddar flavors to more recent Pringles Wavy chips. The basis of the ad, one titled Space Return, is that two astronauts make a successful return to Earth and land in the ocean, only that no one is there to pick them up.

We cut to a scene where those at back at mission control are too busy stacking their chips to go out and help. Cut to sometime in the future and the two astronauts are still floating out at sea when a fishing boat zooms by. Again, the fisherman on the boat are too busy stacking Pringles and coming up with the ultimate combination of flavors, they don't notice the astronauts stranded at sea.

It ends with the space vessel floating into a storm, with no help in sight. Darn Pringles, right? You can see the full ad ahead of Super Bowl LV above. The ad itself is expected to air towards the end of the first quarter this Sunday.

“Coming off a huge year for Pringles, with a new look for the brand and the introduction of our new Scorchin’ line, it’s great to bring a taste of Pringles’ fun and unnecessary genius to the Big Game again,” Pringles marketing director Gareth Maguire said in a press release. “With literally thousands of different Flavor Stacks to experiment with, you can easily get distracted from other responsibilities.”


Also of note is the fact Pringles isn't advertising any one specific product but instead, advertising the brand as a whole. In the company's release on Tuesday, it even included two "recipes" for the stacks included in the ad. To make the "BBQ Pizza Stack" seen in the ad, Pringles fiends with need Original, Barbecue, and Pizza flavors. The "Spicy Cheese Stack," on the other hand, uses Jalapeno, Cheddar cheese, and Ranch flavors.

This year, the Super Bowl will be streaming free online through CBS. You can watch it here.