Coca-Cola May Have Found Out How to Bottle McDonald's Sprite

A new Sprite flavor has fans thinking its McDonald's soda in a can.

Coca-Cola is rolling out a new flavor that has soda fiends excited. Wednesday, the beverage-maker unveiled Sprite Chill, a new take on the classic lemon-lime soda. According to one food-tracking Instagram account, the flavor will take advantage of a "chilling agent" added to the soda that makes it taste cooler, leading some to believe the company has figured out how to bottle McDonald's viral Sprite concoction.

Coke executives made the unveil at this year's NACS Show, the leading convention for convenience store operators. The now-viral Instagram post makes sure to point out the Sprite isn't mint flavored, and will instead use a different ingredient to give the "cooling" effect menthol gives other similar products.

The Coca-Cola Company has gotten more creative in its innovation efforts as of late, tweaking the recipe of the company's flagship cola to gain some serious publicity. Most recently, the outfit released a Coke flavor that was generated by artificial intelligence.

"Our ambition for Coca-Cola Creations is to create unexpected and magical moments for our fans. Inspired by the timelessness of Coca-Cola, we want to celebrate everyone's idea of what the future might look like," Oana Vlad, Senior Director, Global Strategy at The Coca-Cola Company said in a statement. "With the help of AI-powered technology, Coca-Cola Y3000 Zero Sugar imagines how a Coca-Cola from the future could taste and introduces innovative experience to explore the future."

Before that, the brand also debuted Coca-Cola Starlight, a flavor that was "inspired by space".

"Thirty-five years ago, Coca-Cola partnered with NASA to become one of the first soft drinks to travel to space," Vlad said at the time. "That same passion for space still exists today. With Coca-Cola Starlight, we wanted to celebrate the remarkable ability of space exploration to inspire generations to discover new worlds of infinite possibilities. We set out to bring that concept to life through a simple sip, capturing some of the mystery and essence of what we love about space."

There's no exact timeline for the release of Sprite Chill, though it's expected to roll out in the beginning months of 2024.