Taco Bell's New $5 Cravings Box Now Available for Everyone

The latest Taco Bell innovation is something now available to the masses. Effective Thursday, the [...]

The latest Taco Bell innovation is something now available to the masses. Effective Thursday, the $5 Build Your Own Cravings Box is now available to anyone with access to the primary Taco Bell app. The item first launched earlier this month to those helping the fast-food chain with its Taco Bell Rewards Beta program. Now anyone with the app can build a massive cravings box featuring some of the restaurant's top items.

"As we see it, there aren't a lot of choices out there when it comes to value, forcing customers to play by others' rules. But when your fans have different favorites on the menu, why not celebrate that?" Taco Bell brand chief Nikki Lawson said in a press release first announcing the product. "The Taco Bell I'm proud to lead does it differently - we put fans in the driver's seat and allow them to eat how they want to eat, not how someone, irrespective of how famous they may be, tells them to."

The full menu of items available in the new box can be seen below:

  • Specialties - a signature item like the Chalupa Supreme, Cheesy Gordita Crunch or Crunchwrap® Supreme, Black Bean Chalupa Supreme, Black Bean Crunchwrap® Supreme
  • Starters - a Crunchy Taco, Beefy 5-Layer Burrito or Bean and Cheese Burrito
  • Sides - Of course, the meal wouldn't be complete without either Chips & Nacho Cheese Sauce or Cinnamon Twists
  • Drinks - A choice of Medium fountain drink rounds out the exclusive offer

The latest cravings box is another initiative for Taco Bell to give thanks to their fans. Earlier this year, the company announced to return of potato-based products after several viral fan campaigns.

"The return of our beloved potatoes is just the first step in showing our fans the strong continued commitment to vegetarian we are making this year," the company said in a release in January. "We have long been a leader in the vegetarian space, but this year, we have more meatless options in store that vegetarians, veggie-curious and even meat-eaters will love."