Anthony Mackie Might Be Preparing for Another Outing as Captain America Before His Movie

Anthony Mackie may already be coming back for an appearance as Sam Wilson, the new Captain [...]

Anthony Mackie may already be coming back for an appearance as Sam Wilson, the new Captain America, before headlining Captain America 4. Mackie was a guest on The Daily Show with Trevor Noah. The actor discussed what he's up to now that The Falcon and the Winter Soldier. During the conversation, Mackie said that he's getting back into shape for another film appearance. "You take the four months," Mackie explained to Noah. "Like right now, I am at the end of the first month of the four-month process to get back away from fat Mackie to movie Mackie."

Mackie needing to get back into shape suggests he could be getting ready to play Captain America again. The Don Cheadle-led Armor Wars series is supposed to begin filming in the middle of this year. After Cheadle's James Rhodes appeared in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, it'd make sense for Mackie's Captain America to show up in Armor Wars.

However, that's not a guarantee. Four months of training for a guest appearance in someone else's show seems like overkill. Mackie's next project may not be related to the Marvel Cinematic Universe at all, as he's also set to star as Olympic athlete Jessie Owens in an upcoming biopic. That's a non-superhero role that'd require plenty of physical training.

After being hesitant to wield Steve Rogers' shield, Sam Wilson finally embraced Captain America's legacy in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier's finale. Speaking to Entertainment Tonight, Mackie explained the difference between his Captain America and the original played by Chris Evans.

"What I think was interesting with Chris' Cap, and what Chris Evans was able to do with that character was really bring a level of strength and confidence to him," Mackie reflected. "He really brought an even-keeled, well-rounded, three-dimensional character.

"A lot of people don't realize that Sam Wilson is the only superhero who has no superpowers," he added. "He's just a regular guy who went for a jog and became an Avenger. So, he comes from a place of humanity and humility. It's not so much him just going through and tearing stuff up. It's about the cerebral, introspective idea of how do you handle a problem because he was a counselor. He's still got those hands though, but he's not a superhero, he's a regular guy."

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