Comic Book Previews for October 14th, 2009

Well avid readers, we're freshly back from our trip to the Baltimore Comic-Con this past weekend, [...]

Well avid readers, we're freshly back from our trip to the Baltimore Comic-Con this past weekend, and boy are our pens tired! Expect to see some great reports, pictures and interviews over the next week from the show, but first, of course, our comic book previews of hot books coming out this Wednesday! Marvel brings us some items from the somthing old and something new categories this week, as Web of Spider-Man returns with issue one! Kaine the spider-clone retuns in this issue, as well as a feature with Spider-Girl herself! The something new this week comes with the return of Magneto, which will kick off a new story arc in Uncanny X-Men # 516, as the Nation X story begins! Speaking of mutants, Deadpool hits us with Deadpool #900. Boy, doesn't the Does it matter what issue this is numbered? It's 104 pages of everything but the kitchen sink humor, action and a live chicken even! Marvel also brings us a showdown between Thor and Hercules in The Incredible Hercules #136 this week! Who will prevail? Thunder or brute strength? The Marvels Project returns with issue three, with Namor bent on not-so-peaceful times in New York. Don't forget the Nazis' infiltration of the Super Soldier Experiment! Be sure to pick up the latest issue of Marvel's ever-lovin' vigilante Frank Castle in the pages of Punisher: Frank Castle #75, which will include a preview of Punisher Max #1. For a bit of a lighter side to the Marvel Universe, check out Marvel Super Hero Squad #2, a great book for readers of all ages!

Blackest Night: Batman #3 concludes one of DC's tie-ins to their company crossover Blackest Night event. What will happen as Batman and Robin battle for Gotham City's very soul against the dead? Secret Six #14 concludes the current arc with a battle unlike any other as Wonder Woman, Artemis and wow, just lots more fight it out on Devil's Island! Two-Face is in the Batcave? Believe it, as the battle rages in Batman #691! The battle for Oa continues in the pages of Green Lantern Corps #41 this week, as the Black Lanterns continue their assault against the Green Lanterns in an effort to destroy the power battery itself! An all-out battle is promised this week in JSA vs. Kobra #5, the next-to-last issue of this six issue mini-series. Can the JSA finally hit the terrorist organization where it sleeps, or is this another trick? Action Comics #882 shows Supergirl and Flamebird still battling, but will it continue when they notice Reactron?

Image Comics releases an ambitious new title this week with Cowboy Ninja Viking #1, the story of people with Multiple Personality Disorder who were once used, based on the strengths of their personalities, as a sort of counter-intelligence squad. The project failed, but the agents have been activated again, with only the CNV of the title to try and stop them. The Perhapanauts Halloween Spooktacular one-shot gets us in the trick-or-treat mood with three Halloween-themed stories! Image also releases The Walking Dead #66 this week, promising that nothing will be the same after this! Add to that part three of G-Man: Cape Crisis and how can we refuse!?

Dark Horse brings us the next installment of its mini-series B.P.R.D. 1947 with issue number four, as the hunt for vampires after World War II in Europe continues! And speaking of Hellboy, Hellboy: The Wild Hunt #7 charges into stores this week, along with Star Wars: Invasion #0, a one-shot that collects all the pre-Invasion story that appeared only on, along with a few extra pages of origninal material! Boom! Studios drops some weight on us this week with the release of The Anchor #1! Referred to as "God's own leg-breaker", The Anchor is the only thing standing between us and the demonic forces of Hell itself! See him rise this week! Dynamite Entertainment delivers Blackbeard: The Legend of the Pyrate King #1 into our hands this week, along with Red Sonja #49! And what's that, Galactica: 1980 #2 is coming as well? Wow, quite a week for comics reading!!!