Funko Venomized Doctor Strange Glow in the Dark Exclusive Pop is Live


Funko's original Venomized Doctor Strange Pop figure launched as part of a large Venom Pop wave back in January. The standard Pop looks pretty fantastic, but the exclusive version glows in the dark! That makes it cooler! If you want to add it to your collection, now is the time.

Funko has officially launched the Venomized Doctor Strange Pop figure as an Amazon exclusive that you can pre-order here for $12.99 with shipping slated for July 22nd. It's based on Doctor Strange's appearance in the Disney XD Marvel Spider-Man animated series that's dubbed "Maximum Venom" for Season 3. However, it's not the only superhero-inspired Funko Pop figure that you should have on your radar right now...


The DC Comic Moment Red Hood vs Deathstroke Pop figure is a former San Diego Comic-Con 2020 Previews Exclusive that can be pre-ordered here at Entertainment Earth for $34.99 with shipping slated for August. It's a limited edition of 30,000, and a sell out on these is inevitable. Hopefully we'll see another Funko Virtual Con-style Pop figure release for the rest of the SDCC 2020 wave in the coming months.

From the description:

"Jason Todd. Slade Wilson. One, the disgraced former protege of Batman who lacks Batman's moral code. The other, the world's deadliest assassin, enhanced to use 90% of his brain. From the pages of DC Comics' Deathstroke comes Funko's Pop! Comic Moments release, depicts their epic battle. This diorama-styled piece features 3 3/4-inch tall versions of the Red Hood and Deathstroke with Funko's trademark stylized design as they grapple in a battle that will leave these foes bloody and broken."


Finally, Funko and Entertainment Earth teamed up to release an exclusive Pop figure 2-Pack based on the popular Spider-Man pointing at Spider-Man meme, which originated with an episode of the 1967 ABC Spider-Man cartoon entitled "Double Identity". The episode involved a criminal named Charles Cameo impersonating Spider-Man in order to steal art.


Funko could have gone with a Moment Pop figure to depict the scene from the meme, but they wisely chose to run it as a 2-pack with a background insert, which makes it more versatile. Pre-orders are live here at Entertainment Earth for $24.99 with shipping slated for June. It's a limited edition, so reserve it while you can.

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