'Iron Fist' Reveals First Official Look at Alice Eve's Typhoid Mary

Marvel's Iron Fist season 2 will see the Marvel Cinematic Universe debut of crazed assassin [...]

Marvel's Iron Fist season 2 will see the Marvel Cinematic Universe debut of crazed assassin Typhoid Mary, who will be played by Star Trek Into Darkness star Alice Eve. After a lot of secrecy and speculation about how Mary will fit into the MCU, we're now starting to get our first official looks at Alice Eve in character - thanks to the Iron Fist official Instagram account.

Check out Iron Fist's version of Typhoid Mary in the new images below - and be sure to take a look at both photos, which depict two very different sides of this dark, complicated character!

You never really know someone until you see both sides. #IronFist

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As stated, we still don't know very many details about this MCU version of Typhoid Mary - except what little Alice Eve has been willing to divulge in interviews leading up to Iron Fist season 2's debut:

"I can reveal she has multiple personalities and that she's very, very violent." Eve explained. "I learned very, very hard how to fight like Typhoid Mary and that, for me, was the take away…which I loved. Reading comics, I fell in love with her. She's completely psychotic and brilliant."

What these two photos reveal is that Iron Fist isn't necessarily going with the flamboyant Kabuki-style version of Mary from the comics - at least not at first. Instead of using a costume to illustrate the character's signature dichotomy between her different personalities, that work is being left to Alice Eve's performance to convey. These two photos suggest that Eve will definitely be digging into the multifaceted aspect of the role; the first image of Mary looking friendly, cute, and very prim and polished, is a stark contrast to the second photo, in which she appears sans makeup prissy girl air, with a distinctly detached and ruthless look in her now-sunken eyes.

A brief clip most recent Iron Fist season 2 trailer (1:13 - 1:16) actually reveals that Danny Rand will be battling this hooded version of Mary in a subway tunnel setting, and the footage suggests that battle won't go well for him. It suggests that Mary will be quite formidable - though we still don't know if that's because of some deeper connection to organizations like The Hand, some kind of government agency, or perhaps to K'un Lun itself?

A second recent mystery came from an Iron Fist promo image that saw Mary's likeness drawn in a piece of artwork, with a sticky note attached saying "Stay Away from Danny Rand." Fans have been speculating who left that message, and after seeing these photos, one fan theory seems the most credible: that Mary may have left that note for Mary.

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Iron Fist Season 2 premieres all 10 episodes on Netflix starting Sept. 7th. Let us know your thoughts about the latest trailer in the comments!