Kevin Smith Calls Out “Psycho Fan” For Using Marvel Tweets Against Him

It's no secret that Kevin Smith is a huge Marvel fan. The director known for helming various films and playing Silent Bob often takes to social media to post about the Marvel Cinematic Universe and has been especially active lately thanks to the premiere of WandaVision. This week, Smith took to social media to praise Elizabeth Olsen's performance as Wanda Maximoff and call for her to get an Emmy. While many people enjoy Smith's Marvel's posts, some folks aren't fans. In fact, one person took the time to go through Smith's tweets and screenshot his Marvel takes and accuse him of being a "sycophant." Well, Smith is known for calling out people who are rude to him, and this incident was no exception.

"The ultimate sycophant," someone replied to Smith’s WandaVision post. The tweet included 12 screenshots of Smith praising Marvel projects. Smith replied, "It's not spelled 'sycophant', it’s spelled 'psycho-fan' - as in 'Did you see some psycho-fan went through all your old Tweets to prove that you’re a @MarvelStudios fanboy simp?' To which my reply would be 'On your left.' If sports fans can love *their* teams, can’t I love mine?" You can check out the post below:

Before WandaVision premiered, Smith took to Twitter with some predictions: "I know there's a million more important things going on at the moment, but I need to take a break from constant @CNN just to say this: Based on the trailers, I think @wandavision will be a heartbreaking and tragic story of doomed love, loss, and denial. That’s my kinda sandwich," Smith wrote.

Smith also announced this month that he finished the first draft of Clerks III. The director already finished his script for Twilight of the Mallrats, which he hopes to film sometime this year.


"I started writing CLERKS III on December 28th and just finished the 101-page first draft last night! But the writing doesn't begin when you start tapping the keys: I've been stirring this stew in my brain pan for a while now," Smith wrote on Instagram. "So when I sat down to put years of daydreaming into actual words, the typing part of the writing process was pretty brisk. Fake New Jersey (or what I’ve long called the View Askewniverse) has been so much more preferable to visit than the real world lately - but I’ve told the tale I wanted to tell, so it’s time to step back, hand the script off to a trusted few, and then tinker further based on the feedback."

The first three episodes of WandaVision are now streaming on Disney+.