Krysten Ritter On Iron Man 3 Toy Controversy: "Girls Can Sell Toys"


A few days ago, rumors broke that the original Iron Man 3 villain was going to be a female, until somebody at Disney piped up and said they opposed the idea since it would be more difficult to merchandise a female character.

That's not unprecedented in the Marvel Universe: both Black Widow and Gamora have often been omitted from merchandising art featuring their respective teams, and their toys have been harder to find than the toys of their male teammates.

But during an interview with Stephen Colbert, Jessica Jones star Krysten Ritter was shocked to hear the rumor.

Ritter, shocked, said "Oh my God, I didn't know that! Girls can sell toys!" Then followed up, saying that she was going to call somebody and try to get Jessica Jones toys made.

You can check out the clip below.


The first season of Marvel's Jessica Jones is now streaming on Netflix.