Marvel Concept Art For New Captain America in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier Revealed

It's been two years since Avengers: Endgame hit theatres, which means fans have been waiting that whole time to see Sam Wilson (Anthony Mackie) become the new Captain America. Throughout the six episodes of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, Sam struggled with whether or not he should take up the Cap mantle, but last week saw him training with the shield and receiving a new suit from the Wakandans. Warning! Spoilers Ahead! The final episode of the show, "One World, One People," saw Sam accepting his new role as Captain America, and his epic new Captain America suit made its MCU debut. In honor of this huge Marvel moment, Rick Remender took to social media to show off some sweet concept art of the new suit.

"1) A fun look at how Carlos Pacheco and I designed the new Captain America. First is Carlos' take. Then the rough I designed. Then Carlos' final design. Marvel wanted Sam to lose the wings but I fought to keep them and I'm glad I did. Way cooler with them. 2) I took a ton of abuse for turning Sam into Captain America and had all sorts of insane people attack me so it's nice to see the hugely positive reaction to the use of my take on Sam and Captain America in the MCU. 3) If it inspires some kids and makes a positive impact of any kind that does my heart a tremendous good," Remender wrote. You can check out the images in the tweet below:

"Well, because the shield belongs to Steve, and you know, Sam got into this because of his relationship with Steve. Sam wasn't waiting in the wings, hoping and waiting to become Captain America," Mackie previously explained when asked why Sam was struggling to take up the Cap mantle. "The whole goal and idea was to save the world with Steve. So if he's Cap, that means Steve is no longer with him," Mackie added. "So, it takes the fun out of it. You know, the idea of being a superhero and being Captain America as a Black man, representing a symbol that for 500 years, has literally enslaved, downtrodden, and persecuted you people is a harsh reality to try and come to grips with."

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