Marvel Has Juggernaut Join the X-Men

The current roster of X-Men may be the team's most eclectic yet. In the latest issue of Uncanny X-Men, and old X-Men enemy joins the group.

Following the events of "X-Men: Disassembled," the world believes the most if not all of the X-Men are dead. In truth, the majority of the X-Men have been trapped in Nate Grey's Age of X-Man universe, but to the world at large, they seem to have vanished without a trace.

Cyclops and Wolverine both returned from the dead and reunited to let some their enemies know that that the X-Men aren't done yet. Wolverine found out where the New Mutants were being kept. He and Cyclops they mounted a rescue mission that freed Magik's team -- including Wolfsbane, Strong Guy, Moonstar, and Karma -- from the O*N*E, though the team was infected by Warlock's transmode virus. They also found and freed Havok from the same facility. Strong Guy sacrificed himself to save the team during the escape, but a new team of X-Men was born.

Since then, Multiple Man has also joined the team and they've gone up against the Mutant Liberation Front, now being led by Cyclops's grandaughter Hope Summers with Banshee at her side. Hope shot Cyclops' eye out, but she and Hope were defeated and taken captive. After a team vote, the X-Men decided to forgive Hope and Banshee their sins and let them join the team.

In Uncanny X-Men #16, these X-Men go up against what they believe to be Magneto and his new Brotherhood of Evil Mutants. The group includes Toad, Pyro, Avalanche, and Juggernaut. During the fight, they learn that this isn't Magneto but Joseph, Magneto's deranged clone.

Juggernaut wasn't aware of this deception and isn't happy. It turns out that Cain Marko, despite not being a mutant himself, has become sympathetic to the plight of mutants. He turns on Joseph and offers to join up with the X-Men.

This isn't Juggernaut's first time being one of the X-Men. He first joined the team in the early 2000s. At first, it was part of a plan with Black Tom Cassidy's Brotherhood of Evil Mutants to destroy the X-Men from within. After being betrayed himself, Juggernaut fully committed to the X-Men's cause and tried to reform.

What do you think of the Juggernaut joining the X-Men? Let us know in the comments! Uncanny X-Men #16 is on sale now.

Uncanny X-Men #16
(W) Matthew Rosenberg (A/CA) Salvador Larroca

Cyclops and the X-Men have set out to save mutantkind...but the Mutant Liberation Front isn't going to just wait for it to happen! Led by one of the X-Men's own, the MLF is willing to do whatever it takes to stop mutant oppression...even kill any mutant who stands in their way...

Rated T+
In Shops: Apr 17, 2019
SRP: $3.99


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