Moon Knight Writer Threatens to Retire if Gorr Kills Taweret in Thor: Love and Thunder

Moon Knight came to an end last week on Disney+ after the finale featured an epic battle between the gods Khonshu and Ammit. However, for many, the fan-favorite Egyptian god of the series was Taweret, the adorable hippo who helps Marc Spector and Steven Grant (Oscar Isaac) and eventually chooses Layla (May Calamawy) as her avatar. In ancient Egyptian mythology, Taweret was the goddess of pregnancy and fertility, but in Moon Knight, she guides souls as they transition into the afterlife. Now that the Marvel series has introduced some new gods, fans are concerned about their fate in the upcoming Thor: Love and Thunder. Christan Bale is playing the villain of the film, Gorr the God Butcher, which means no MCU god is safe. Recently, spoke with Moon Knight writer Jeremy Slater who revealed he will not be too happy if Gorr comes after Taweret. 

"Oh, God. I don't know," Slater replied when asked if any of the Moon Knight gods might show up in Thor: Love and Thunder. "Honestly, I don't know. If so, my guess is it's sort of a background cameo thing, but I really don't know the answer to that. That be cool if it did. Make me very happy, I'd love to see Taweret it in there somewhere, as long as she's not someone who's getting butchered by Gorr." Slater added, "If they kill Taweret, I'm done. I am officially retired. I will not recover from that personally. A hippo means more to me than most of the people I know in real life. Yes."

Antonia Salib, the actor who brought Taweret to life, recently had a discussion about the freedom Marvel Studios gave the actors on set during the red carpet premiere of the series. The interview began making the rounds online and it revealed that Salib was playing Taweret in the series. While Salib didn't confirm who she was playing, Variety revealed the news in an accompanying tweet.

"I think with having the time with a series, you're really able to explore all these different characters and the emotional journey that Steven and Marc are going through and you really flesh it out," Salib told Variety. "Personally, it felt like such a collaborative process, which was brilliant for such a big organization. From the moment when I read the scenes when I was auditioning to when I started working with the director Mohamed Diab and the costume team to VFX, it felt like I was given license to create my character and everyone was on board together."

All six episodes of Moon Knight are streaming on Disney+, and Thor: Love and Thunder is hitting theatres on July 8th.