Spider-Man: No Way Home Concept Artist Reveals Full Look at Updated Costume

One of Marvel's concept artists just gave fans their best look at Tom Holland's final suit from Spider-Man: No Way Home. Ryan Meinerding posted a crisp set of images showcasing the new costume on Instagram. A lot of noise was made about this new start for Spider-Man at the end of the movie. The biggest visual signifier of this change was the inclusion of the "classic" red and blue suit for Peter Parker. He's got to adjust to a world where no one knows him anymore. That means less Stark technology and a little more elbow grease. (As evidenced by the sewing machine in his new apartment.) 

Zooming in on the images confirm some of the small touches. (Fans of the eye lenses will be thrilled to know Peter managed to replicate them!) His new chest insignia merges together Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield's iterations with the MCU's design. Check out the new suit in all of it's glory down below.

"Spider-Man: No Way Home! This the design for the final suit, such an amazing honor to do this for Sony and Marvel," the artist wrote. "Thank you so much Kevin, Amy, Jon, Lou, Victoria and Rachel! And of course thank you to the incredible VFX team delivering the magic to bring it all to life!! The movie is so special and Tom is phenomenal!!"

Spencer Perry's review of the movie for Comicbook.com underlined the wide-open possibilities for the Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man after the events of No Way Home. However, along with that freedom comes murky waters.

"Spider-Man: No Way Home marks a clear line in the sand for this character, a delineation point of where things might go. Throughout the movie, the implication is that this huge story must be told so that things can go back to being smaller, friendly-neighborhood sized, but can they? Will Marvel and Sony allow a follow-up to this movie to actually be contained? The economics of modern Hollywood would certainly lead you to believe the answer is 'No,' but Marvel and Sony leave things in an interesting place and clearly have a Peter Parker suited to handle more. If it is the end, though, it has the best final shot of any of the Marvel Studios Spider-Man movies."

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