Spider-Man: No Way Home Stars Reveal What Excited Them About Reprising Marvel Villain Roles

CCXP took place this weekend, and there was a big treat for Marvel fans who are looking forward to Spider-Man: No Way Home. The upcoming movie is set to feature Alfred Molina reprising his role of Doc Ock from Spider-Man 2Jamie Foxx as Electro from The Amazing Spider-Man 2, and Willem Dafoe as Green Goblin from the 2002 Spider-Man. All three men did a panel this weekend at CCXP and revealed what drew them to return to their roles.

"You know, when I heard it, I thought, 'Well, that's pretty nutty, I got speared pretty good in the first film,' but I thought, 'Okay, they can figure out a way to bring me back,'" Dafoe explained. "But it was really the pitch, and like Jamie, I know Amy's [Pascal] history. She walked me through it, and then Jon [Watts], the director, kind of pitched the whole idea before I read a script, and it sounded like a lot of fun and a good solution. Then when we went deeper into it, I liked the idea that I was returning to something that was the same but different. it's a return to something I did before with that kind of history, but the spin there's a spin on it, and that appealed to me."

"For me, it's just about the money," Molina joked. "Oddly enough, Willem and I were kind of joshing the other day about how [it's been] 20 years since his first Green Goblin and 17 years since my first time as Doc Ock, and these are the longest options that a studio has ever exercised on actors. You know it's like we've been waiting, but the material, the pitch, was excellent. I, to be honest, when when the idea was first suggested I my first thought was, 'Hang on, I'm 17 years older. I've got chins; I've got wrinkles. What are they going to do?' Then, of course, I suddenly realized, wait a minute, they've got the technology, this isn't going to be a problem. But it's been very nice to come back to something that, as you know, is familiar but at the same time completely new. The technology has moved on phenomenally since in the last couple of decades, you know, and so it's kind of still exciting."

Foxx also talked about being glad he didn't have to be blue this time around

"I was excited knowing Amy for years, man, and knowing what she's done with this franchise, and she was explaining to me that it's gonna be hot, and I didn't have to be blue, and things like that as far as my character is concerned, so you're gonna be a little more hip, and that I get a chance to hang out with these incredible thespians. To walk on set and to see these guys, I literally bowed to them, and we've been having a ball. I'm happy we got a brand new start, a brand new look," Foxx shared.

Spider-Man: No Way Home is set to be released on December 17th.