The New Mutants Director Teases the Film's Villainous Demon Bear

Fans have tons of questions about the final film in the X-Men movie saga as the horror-themed spinoff The New Mutants is finally set to premiere in theaters in a couple of months. This movie will be unlike anything seen in the franchise to date, as it will focus on a group of young mutants who don't benefit from the influence of Professor Xavier, and will instead be prisoners in an insane asylum for a mysterious purpose. It's within this facility that they will be forced to confront the mysterious entity of the Demon Bear.

Director Josh Boone addressed the inclusion of this iconic X-Men villain, confirming that the Demon Bear would be unlike anything fans of The New Mutants comics are expecting to see.

"We've changed stuff, we've really taken the characters we love from the comics and put them into our version of the movie because, if you just did it, it'd just be another X-Men movie," Boone explained in an interview with ScreenRant. "I just knew we always wanted to do the Demon Bear story, Knate [Lee] and I, my co-writer... And when we went to go tell Fox we wanted to do this movie, we made them a comic book, it was like a PDF that pitched them kind of a trilogy of films, each one's its own unique kind of horror movie, the first one's a supernatural horror movie."

Boone has previously teased his plans for a trilogy, which might not be a sure thing now that Marvel Studios is set to incorporate the X-Men franchise into their ongoing continuity of films. But the director still "won't say what the other two are, but they're horror movies but different horror movie each time."

Boone continued speaking about his and Lee's love of comic books as young people: "We've loved comics our whole life, and we love more than anything Marvel Comics, especially X-Men stuff and Spider-Man stuff and stuff like that. We like DC, but only like when Dark Knight Returns came out we read the graphic novel, we read Watchmen, we loved all the Vertigo comics, But we weren't big into DC, we were Marvel fans."


The New Mutants is set to premiere in theaters on April 3rd.