To All The Boys Actress Lana Condor Breaks Silence About X-Men's Jubilee Controversy

Actress Lana Condor has had an amazing career in Hollywood despite such a short time spent in the business, and a huge reason for that is owed to her breakout role in To All the Boys I've Ever Loved and its newly released sequel on Netflix. But Condor has a major presence in the comic world after her role in the SYFY series Deadly Class, as well as her performance as Jubilee in the '80s-set X-Men: Apocalypse. But it's her role in the Marvel universe that has earned a lot of criticism from fans, as many people didn't enjoy how the X-Men movie handled the fan-favorite mutant.

Now that Condor has moved on from the X-Men franchise, she's speaking out about her time in the series and insists that the movie changed after she filmed her scenes.

During an interview with StyleCaster, Condor said she was in many more scenes in X-Men: Apocalypse, but they were left for the cutting room floor. Because of the public attention surrounding her role, some fans were disappointed to see that she only played a minor role in the film.

But Condor explained that she wasn't aware of how Jubilee's presence would be diminished, and said that "in the moment, I was happy for any part I could get."

X-Men: Apocalypse was one of Condor's biggest roles at the time, but after her recent string of successes, she is looking back at the part with more scrutiny.

"Now, if that same experience happened, I would be pretty discouraged and upset and feel there was an injustice," Condor explained.

Because of Hollywood stereotypes, the actress admitted that she was uncomfortable in audition.

"A lot of times people assume I have an accent, and I don't," Condor said, then recounted a time when she was asked to act more like Hello Kitty. "I was like, Hmm. What? You mean the cat with no mouth because when they developed Hello Kitty, they didn't want women to speak?'"

While Condor's time as Jubilee was short-lived, it's also the only substantial live-action portrayal of the fan-favorite mutant that we've seen on the big screen. So for that alone, fans should be appreciative that it ever happened.

Hopefully we'll get the chance to see Jubilee on the big screen in an X-Men movie once again, and hopefully Condor gets a better opportunity to flex her strengths.


Fans can currently see Condor in To All the Boys: P.S. I Still Love You now playing on Netflix.