American Pie 9 Trailer Flips the Focus to the Women

As if things couldn't get any worse, a new American Pie movie is on the horizon, and not even one featuring original stars Jason Biggs or Seann William Scott. The ninth film, that's right, we counted, in the raunchy comedy series has released its new trailer with American Pie Presents: Girls' Rules, a new direct-to-video film that arrives later this year. This time around though the wacky premise of the franchise, which is exclusively about teenagers/young adults having sex and partying, will focus on a group of girls rather than boys looking to broaden their sexual horizons. We know what you're thinking and it IS about time. Should your curiosity have gotten the better of you, you can find the trailer in the player below. The film will be released onto the world on both DVD and Digital on October 6, you've been warned.

What makes this new film in the series so puzzling are two major reasons. The first is the length of time since the previous installment, as the film before "Girls' Rules," American Pie Presents: The Book of Love, debuted in 2009. The second is that Eugene Levy is nowhere in sight. Across the other eight movies in this series, Levy's Noah Levenstein (aka Jim's Dad) has appeared in all of them. Yes, in addition to all four of the "main series" American Pies, he has made appearances in spin-offs Band Camp, The Naked Mile, Beta House, and The Book of Love. Luckily for Levy he was perhaps busy filming the Emmy nominated Schitt's Creek when this picture was in production.

The official description for the new film includes the kind of keywords and allusions one might expect, but also reveals a connection to the proper series as one of the female leads will somehow be related to Seann William Scott's Stifler. It reads: "It's Senior year! Annie, Kayla, Michelle, and Stephanie decide to finally harness their girl power and band together to get what they want. The boys won't know what hit them when these sassy sweethearts are calling the shots. Wild parties, sexy adventures and a Stifler bring the heat in this hot new slice of American Pie!" The film was written by two men and directed by another.


For those curious about why this film is being made in the first place, we'll point you toward its production company, Universal 1440 Entertainment. This branch of Universal Pictures is the strictly "direct to video" arm of the company who have seen major success in recent years by rebooting properties and developing unnecessary sequels to films. Over the past few years alone they've released a Dragonheart prequel, plus sequels to films like Inside Man, Jarhead, and even Backdraft. They've recently announced their plans for a sequel to the box office bomb 47 Ronin. It's a lucrative business, clearly.