Bam Margera Drops Jackass Forever Lawsuit Against Johnny Knoxville

The saga of Jackass star Bam Margera's lawsuit against his collaborators on the MTV series has seemingly come to an end. Margera originally filed the suit against Jackass co-star Johnny Knoxville, director Jeff Tremaine, producer Spike Jonze, and distributor Paramount Pictures, and others, alleging that he had been unfairly fired from the recent Jackass Forever film. Now TheWrap reports that Margera and his attorney filed today to have the suit dismissed with prejudice, meaning the performer can't file it again. It's unclear if a settlement was reached between Margera and the other parties or if it has been dropped for a different reason.

The rift between Margera and his former collaborators became public knowledge last year after the CKY and Viva La Bam star revealed himself that he'd been fired from Jackass Forever. Margera's lawsuit alleged that while he was in rehab in 2019 that the trio above, Knoxville, Tremaine, and Jonze, approached him with a "Wellness Agreement" which would pend his participation in the fourth Jackass movie. This agreement reportedly saw him undergo "countless breathalyzer and urinalysis tests" as a means test of maintaining employment on any/all future Jackass projects. Margera claimed that he didn't violate the terms of that agreement but as fired anyway as a result of a positive drug test for Adderall, for which he claims to have had a prescription.

At the time the suit originally claimed that Margera filmed several scenes for the fourth movie before being fired and that many of his "dozens of ideas for inclusion in the film" are being used in the final cut. He attempted at one point to stop the release of the movie as well. In the end Jackass Forever included just one segment that featured Margera, who is on screen for just a few seconds total. As a result of the entire ordeal, Jeff Tremaine, director of all four Jackass movies and one of the parties named in the suit, filed and was granted a restraining order against Margera for the next three years.

"We want Bam to be happy and healthy and get the help he needs," Knoxville previously said in an interview with GQ. "We tried to push that along. I think that's all I really want to say about it....I don't want to get into public back-and-forth with Bam. I just want him to get better."