Black Widow: Did Jeremy Renner Just Tease a Hawkeye Cameo?

The question of whether Hawkeye (Jeremy Renner) would make some kind of appearance in Black Widow [...]

The question of whether Hawkeye (Jeremy Renner) would make some kind of appearance in Black Widow has been hanging over the film basically since it was announced, and now some fans are thinking that Renner may be teasing that the answer is officially yes. Just weeks after the news broke that Black Widow baddie Florence Pugh will make an appearance in Renner's upcoming Hawkeye series on Disney+, the actor posted a shot of himself reading what appears to be lines in a sound booth, looking down at his phone screen and teasing something special...all while wearing a Black Widow movie promotional hat from 2019's Comic Con International in San Diego.

The smart money is on both Black Widow and Hawkeye addressing the Budapest mission that the two characters referenced in Marvel's The Avengers, although the exact nature of what that mission was remains undefined. Early on, Hawkeye and Black Widow were established as characters with a long history together, and since it appears as though Black Widow will delve into aspects of Natasha's origin story, it stands to reason that Clint Barton will at least be referenced.

On his Instagram Story, Renner posted a photo of himself behind a voice-over microphone, saying "Recording a very special Story today. More to come..."

It may be reading a lot into the hat to think it's any kind of confirmation that he will appear in the film, but anything is definitely possible. It's also worth noting that while you might argue it's unlikely he would be doing ADR (automated dialogue replacement) for a movie that is supposed to be completed by now, the capitalization of the S in "Story" could suggest he is filming something of ran upcoming Instagram promotional campaign, which could well be for Black Widow.

Of course, he could also be shooting Black Widow promotional content even if he is not personally in the movie. And yet another theory is that he will be there "in spirit," with his fighting style copied by Taskmaster, a villain who can memorize and duplicate the combat styles of opponents. We broke down that theory recently after a scene in one trailer got fans chattering about it.

Disney has set Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings for theatrical release on July 7 and Eternals on November 5. Black Widow is currently dated for May 7, although today reports emerged that the movie could be delayed yet again.