Bloodshot: Eiza Gonzalez Stands Out as Mysterious and Tough Character

Bloodshot has Vin Diesel in its leading role but, as noted in's official review of [...]

Bloodshot has Vin Diesel in its leading role but, as noted in's official review of the film, Eiza Gonzalez is one of the bright highlights of the first Valiant Comics movie. Gonzalez checks into the film as KT, a tough, mysterious, and enhanced former soldier faced with a disability solved through technology which is used to manipulate her. Throughout the film, the role calls for intense sequences, but also several moments which display her character's humanity in a world seemingly run by technology. For Gonzalez, these brave roles are becoming more and more of a trend.

"Well this time around it was the first time that I was playing a character that was not necessarily side-chick to a dude, which was incredible," Gonzalez told in an interview, seen in the video above. "I feel like in everything else that I've done, part of being part of these incredible movies has been that it's big ensemble casts and so you have a little bit to do in these scenes and this character gave so much more for me to play with."

She's not kidding, either. KT is, in many ways, the heart of the film but largely due to how much effort Gonzalez visibly poured into it.

Gonzalez has plenty of experience in the action movie realm. She has previously starred in hit films like Baby Driver, Fast and Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw, and Alita: Battle Angel. "I had emotional depth to the character and then I feel like I had always been like, kinda, really badass in the last few things that I've done," the actress said, "but not really emotional and this allowed audiences to see me in a different light and be a little bit more vulnerable and she has a lot of vulnerability to her, even though she's obviously fit and is a female soldier, which is already pretty impressive, right? So, it was exciting to kinda dive into the more emotional side."

Gonzalez's co-star Sam Heughan is quick to offer compliments to her role, as well. "She's definitely the most bad-ass in this movie," he says, which is high praise, considering his character is an enhanced former soldier operating with a massive Doc Ock-like rig on his back.

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Bloodshot hits theaters on Friday.