The Dark Knight Star Details How the Film Is a "Reflection of Our Times"

It's been 12 years since The Dark Knight opened in theaters, but according to Aaron Eckhart, who played Harvey Dent in the Christopher Nolan Batman film, The Dark Knight is more than just a Batman movie. It's a film that is also a reflection of our times. In a recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Eckhart spoke a bit about the film and when asked about how he felt when he realized the film was not so much about Batman versus the Joker but was centered around Harvey dent, the actor got into a bit about how the film was different.

Eckhart explained that the script for The Dark Knight was a "novel" and that while he was surprised to see that his character had a substantial part in the film, it was less like reading a movie script, but more like reading literature.

"Some scripts are whatever; you get through them and hey, fine. But The Dark Knight was a novel and it was thick. It was like reading literature," Eckhart said. "And there's something about Gotham City too. You have a city that's oppressed and being run by a criminal gang. People can't go out during the day, everybody's scared for their safety, and the people that are paid to protect them are corrupted. They're part of the gang and nobody can trust anybody. Sound like anything that's familiar? And then people are looking to a superhero for their liberty and their freedom. Not only is it a great story and a great movie, but this is what cinema and art are all about. It's a reflection of our times. Chris knocked it out of the park and that's why that movie is so important. And then, obviously, the performance of Heath [Ledger]. What a special, special movie. I was happy to be a part of it."

The idea of people not being able to trust anyone is an interesting one especially given the social and political unrest that has factored into 2020 but it also certainly is an element of The Dark Knight especially with the corruption within the Gotham City Police Department. But while Harvey Dent didn't end up being a hero -- Gotham was allowed to believe he was because he was the hero the city "needed", Eckhart said that he thinks that had Harvey Dent lived, he would have told the truth about the horrific crimes that Batman ultimately took the blame for.

"No, he would've told the truth. That's the great thing about Harvey Dent," Eckhart said. "Despite whatever is going on, he's a truth-teller and he's a moral center. And not only that, he's the face of truth, right? I don't want to say he's not hiding behind something, but he's not. Now, when he becomes Two-Face, he is. But Harvey Dent was out there fighting for every man and woman, for truth and justice, and he put himself on the line. But having done so, he got bit, and he was forever changed. But you don't want to lose your Harvey Dents in life. No matter how much money or pressure there is, no matter how much coercion, control, or corruption there is, Harvey Dent is going to stay true to the moral center and the truth."


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