Early Avengers: Endgame Scenes With Bruce Banner Had to Be Reshot

Reshoots are, increasingly, not just a common occurrence in big-budget blockbusters but something that fans of all shapes and sizes are acutely aware of. With a movie as big as Avengers: Endgame, a lot of the scenes that have been cut, re-edited, or reshot are likely to serve as conversation pieces for years to come. And during tonight's Quarantine Watch Party for the movie, writers Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely reminded fans that one of the biggest changes to Endgame came after filmmakers decided to make last-minute changes to Avengers: Infinity War, which then rippled out to impact the start of the next movie.

In Avengers: Endgame, the first few times fans got to see Bruce Banner (Mark Ruffalo), he was in his human form and still wracked with guilt over not being able to help out more during the final battle with Thanos and his forces in Infinity War. Anybody who has seen the trailer for that movie, though, will remember that there was a shot in the trailer that depicted The Incredible Hulk charging into that third-act battle.

As the filmmakers have discussed in the past, the original plan was to use Hulk in the last battle with Thanos. When they decided against it, the decision changed not just the end of Infinity War -- Banner would now appear in the Hulkbuster armor Iron Man used against him in previous films -- but also the beginning of Endgame, which had to be adjusted accordingly.

Ultimately, the introduction of the "Smart" Hulk happened after the five-year jump near the start of the movie. In the theatrical cut, he debuted inside of a diner, where he was talking with, and taking selfies with, other patrons. In a deleted scene that was restored later, Hulk and Die Hard veteran Reginald VelJohnson shared a moment as Hulk saved people from a house fire.

"I did that part Matt, and then they said they were going to cut me out," VelJohnson recently told ComicBook.com. "I was so depressed, I didn't go see the movie when it first came out, cause I was so depressed that they said I wasn't in it anymore because you know, my scene took a week to film, and I was with some good people and we did the scene and collaborated and I thought that this was going to be something good, then they said they cut me out. I was so upset man."


Luckily for him, the scene made it back in when Marvel Studios wanted to pump up a final big holiday weekend so they could surpass the all-time highest box office title previously held by Avatar.

Avengers: Endgame is now available to stream on Disney+ Avengers: Infinity War will hit the platform on June 25th.