Ezra Miller Not Cut From Dalíland, but Left Off Cast Credits by TIFF

Ezra Miller's latest film is headlining the 47th Toronto International Film Festival, but the controversial actor's name is absent from the credits. TIFF has elected to close its upcoming festival with Dalíland, a biopic about Salvador Dalí starring Ben Kingsley in the titular role and Miller as a younger version of the lead character. The TIFF press release did not include Miller's name among the cast credits. Miller's inclusion in Dalíland is no secret either, as the actor joined the project back in May 2018. Despite not being listed, Deadline confirmed that Miller's role is not cut from the film.

"We're excited to premiere Mary Harron's Dalíland as this year's Closing Night film," said Cameron Bailey, CEO, TIFF in a statement. "We couldn't be prouder that Harron is a Canadian who has taken her singular explorations of iconic eccentrics to the world stage. In portraying the wild relationship between Salvador Dalí and his partner, Gala, Harron continues to keep moviegoing interesting and engaging."

Dalíland primarily focuses on the marriage between Dalí and his wife, Gala, and is told through the perspective of a young assistant named James. This narrative technique draws parallels to The Great Gatsby, as director Mary Harron compared Christopher Briney's role to that of Nick Carraway.

"We started looking at Dali in the 1970s, the older Dali, with flashbacks to the younger Dali [played by Ezra Miller], which are rendered like an old movie. That format really excited me," Harron said. "Ezra had like three days between finishing Fantastic Beasts and starting The Flash, and insisted on coming and doing our film. The story is all played out through this kind of Nick Carraway figure [Christopher Briney], who comes into Dali's life as an assistant and sees it all."

Miller is currently being charged with burglary by the Vermont State Police in addition to numerous other scandals. The actor has received a temporary harassment prevention order, a protection order, and two arrests in Hawaii. Miller's upcoming blockbuster, The Flash, has yet to address how it plans to proceed with the film.

"All is good in Flash land," producer Barbara Muschietti said shortly following Warner Bros' cancellation of Batgirl.

Dalíland holds its world premiere on September 17th, while TIFF runs from September 8th until September 18th.