'Ghostbusters' Director Wanted to Take Things International in the Sequel

Based on the success of the first two Ghostbusters movies, and the star power of actors Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, and Chris Hemsworth, the 2016 reboot of the franchise should've been an easy home run for Sony Pictures. However, the all-female Ghostbusters reboot underperformed significantly at the box office, and any plans of a sequel were put on the back-burner.

We probably wont ever get to see another Ghostbusters movie, at least with that cast and creative team, but that doesn't mean there weren't already ideas in place for a sequel.

This week, director Paul Feig appeared on the Happy Sad Confused podcast, where he was asked about his Ghostbusters adventure. When the subject of sequel plans came up, Feig revealed that his goal was to take the franchise overseas, and deal with ghosts from several different countries.

"I definitely wanted us to go to another country," Feig said. "Because when we were doing the press tour, the international press tour, every country the reporters would come with these drawings or artist renderings of that country's ghosts. And every country has these really wild ghost stories and ghost characters that they scare kids with or keep people in line with. I really loved the idea of the Ghostbusters going to like Asia. Yeah, so there's a lot of fun stuff that we could have done."

Unfortunately, it's not likely that this movie will ever see the light of day. All five stars of the film have incredibly busy schedules, and the overall performance of the first film doesn't give the studio much incentive to move forward.


The most frustrating thing about losing a potential Ghostbusters sequel is the set-up that was revealed at the end of the movie. The infamous Zuul made a return in the film's post-credits scene, aiming to move the franchise forward into another film.

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