Hobbs & Shaw Producer Hiram Garcia Teases Fast & Furious Spinoff Sequel Plans

The Fast & Furious franchise took its first step into spinoffs and building out a more sprawling [...]

The Fast & Furious franchise took its first step into spinoffs and building out a more sprawling cinematic universe when Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw hit theaters in 2019. The film took Dwayne Johnson's Luke Hobbs an Jason Statham's Deckard Shaw and put them on a globetrotting adventure in the same cinematic world as the Fast & Furious movies where the characters debuted. The film delivered similarly wild car stunts, ridiculous action beats, and an impressive box office haul as films in the franchise tend to do. As the Fast & Furious franchise nears its ninth installment, Hobbs & Shaw producer Hiram Garcia is getting ready for a follow-up to the spinoff film.

The Fast & Furious series is expected to debut its final film in the form of its 11th movie in the flagship's line. When asked if Hobbs & Shaw can continue beyond the Fast & Furious franchise's original saga of films coming to a close, Garcia is quick to point out that the franchise succeeds when it works together.

"We're always thinking ahead and we've been developing right away we actually have a really great story that we've been cooking up," Garcia tells ComicBook.com. "Chris Morgan has been writing, and I think that's the beauty, it's the Fast & Furious universe, right? I think it's not so much about separating or anything, they all fall under the umbrella of Fast & Furiousi, Fast & Furious universe, and Fast & Furious is the mothership but obviously that franchise is so beloved and has so many fans, and there's so many stories to tell within it."

Hobbs & Shaw teased a sequel before it wrapped up, delighting fans with the possible inclusion of Ryan Reynolds and Kevin Hart in the next adventure, two actors Johnson has shown great chemistry with, and also setting up a grander villain in a man-behind-the-curtain sense as they related to Idris Elba's villain in the first spinoff.

"For us, we 100% want to do our part: continue to tell that story, ride with Hobbs," Garcia said. "He's always connected to those guys and the way those things intertwine, we're gonna have to find out, but we're full steam ahead on that, we've got a great story, a big fun story. Chris Morgan is a brilliant writer and he's taken that entire universe in so many different directions but that's definitely moving along, just having a conversation about it right before you and I spoke, and I'm real excited where it's going but we'll continue to push along. We know fans wanted it, that first one, was received really well and so that's what we needed to know, that the fans wanted more, so we're going to deliver it."

A new Hobbs & Shaw film is yet another title on the crowded slate of upcoming work for Garcia, the President of Productions at Seven Bucks, who also told ComicBook.com that the team is also at work on another Jumanji movie. Meanwhile, the ninth Fast & Furious movie recently revealed its release date is pushed back to June 25 in hopes of moviegoers around the world being able to more safely return to theaters.

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