Does Inside Out 2 Post-Credits Scene Set Up Another Sequel?

Inside Out 2 brings a joke full circle in its post-credits scene.

Inside Out 2 is proving to be the hit that the box office needed in 2024, delivering an opening this weekend that will likely soar above $150 million domestically, making it the second-biggest animated debut in history. With that success, many fans are already wondering if it will be another nine-year wait between films. Could an Inside Out 3 be on the horizon in the near future, thanks to this sequel's mammoth success? Unfortunately, the post-credits scene for the new film doesn't offer much clarity. WARNING: This article contains spoilers for Inside Out 2! Continue reading at your own risk...

Yes, Inside Out 2 does have a post-credits scene. That scene, however, is just bringing back a joke that was set up earlier in the movie, rather than a tease for something else in the future. Still, it's a fun scene that pays off something you might have been waiting for.

The scene sees Joy return to the vault in Riley's mind to interact with the Deep Dark Secret, who wouldn't spill the beans about what he was hiding during their encounter earlier in the film. She finally gets the creature to reveal Riley's secret, and it's that Riley ruined the carpet when she was younger and didn't tell anyone it was her.

That obviously wasn't too big of a deal and Joy brings up another embarrassing moment she thought it would have been. Deep Dark Secret had forgotten about that one and it sends the hooded monster back into the vault.

Inside Out 3 and More Pixar Sequels

There hasn't been any official world on a third Inside Out movie, but director Kelsey Mann does have a ton of ideas about more things that can be done inside the world of Riley's mind.

"I love this world. It's such a great world to play in, and ideas just kind of come from playing in this world, both for locations and characters," Mann told ComicBook ahead of the Inside Out 2 premiere. "There's so many ideas not only from the first film, but especially in this one, where I'm like, 'That's a really fun, clever idea. I don't know how it fits into this particular story, but it should be used at some point.'"

"One of my favorites is a location that we came up with called Procrastination Land," the director continued. "This is the land I definitely have, especially as a teen. It was a land which had a big sign that said 'Procrastination Land' and then it said 'Coming Soon.' And Anger was like, 'When are they gonna start building that place?! It just keeps sitting there!' They haven't made any movement on it. It's such a funny idea. We had trouble figuring out why in this particular story. I won't tell you everything about it, there's some other stuff about it that's really funny. So I'm like, 'This has to be used somehow in the future.'"

When it comes to Pixar's future films, there will be a mix of sequels and original ideas. In fact, Pixar chief Pete Docter recently shared the studio's commitment to telling original stories, nothing that Toy Story 5 is the only sequel currently on the upcoming slate of films.

"We have two originals coming out next," he told EW. "We have two original films coming out, and then Toy Story, and then some more original. We still have a little bit of work to do to get to the balance that was talked about in the Bloomberg article one to one, which is exciting. We can talk again in a couple of years. We have a lot of stuff that is in the works now that I'm pretty excited about."