Inside Out 2 $62 Million Opening Day Box Office Is 2024's Best

Inside Out 2 claims 2024's biggest opening box office over Dune: Part Two.

Inside Out 2 is soaring to the biggest box office opening of 2024 with $62 million earned so far. This is a massive feat for Pixar as the movie industry has navigated a weird post-strike summer. Bad Boys: Ride or Die set up the pins last weekend and Inside Out 2 knocked them down. Dune: Part Two was the previous high-water mark for 2024 with $82.5 in its opening frame. Pixar's latest should cruise by that and possibly be the first $100 million domestic opening since Barbie last year. There's even a chance that Inside Out 2 could reach higher than $110 million and that would put the sequel into the top five Pixar domestic openings. Toy Story 3 came in around $110 and its sequel at $120. It would be a stretch to see Inside Out 2 touch Finding Dory ($135 million) or Incredibles 2 ($182 million).

Still, Pixar and Disney have quite the summer lined-up after the fan embrace of Inside Out 2. This opening should position the animated movie quite well. (Pixar COO says that the movie will be in theaters for a while, so Disney+ holdouts anxious to see what all the fuss is about will have to go get a ticket.) This impressive showing also comes hours after projections for Deadpool & Wolverine rolled in touting a possible $200+ million opening for the MCU's only feature this year. Despicable Me 4 will help Universal this summer as well. As things heat up outside, the action inside theaters across the country has as well!

Should You Go See Inside Out 2?


Inside Out 2 is a winner.

- Pixar)

Judging by the numbers above, you're probably already going to if you love heading to the movies. ComicBook's Charlie Ridgely heartily recommends Inside Out 2. His review for our site commends the sequel for telling an honest heartfelt story about growing up. Things might change, but there's always a way to adjust and find your way. Like a lot of observers, our critic had some skepticism that  the Pixar movie might just be a cash grab sequel. (After all, the use of Intellectual Property to lure audiences to the cinema has only gained steam in the last decade.) But, Inside Out 2 really feels like it was only released because Director Kelsey Mann had a story to tell with Riley and her colorful cast of emotions.

"There's no feeling in the world quite like being proven wrong when you've wildly underestimated a movie. There's something so satisfying about a brilliant piece of art letting you know your doubt was misplaced. When Pixar announced a sequel to Inside Out, it felt so unnecessary, like another Disney cash-grab designed with just the box office in mind," Ridgely says in his review. "But I should've known better. Pixar has a track record that shouldn't be doubted, and Inside Out 2 again proved why the studio has been at the top of the animation game for nearly three decades. Inside Out 2, like its predecessor, is a beautiful and poignant film, the kind that only Pixar could've produced. And it's exactly the movie we need at this specific moment in time."

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