The Suicide Squad Director James Gunn Explains Why He’s Most Excited to See The Batman

Even though his own feature is coming out this August, The Suicide Squad filmmaker James Gunn is still looking forward to The Batman most. In a Twitter Q&A with fans Saturday morning, the director doubled down on the idea that the Matt Reeves' Caped Crusader flick is his most anticipated feature from DC Films. Why? Gunn says movies from Reeves are undeniably his and should be applauded for overcoming outside creative forces from studio executives or corporate entities.

"Matt Reeves is one of a handful of directors whose artistry can be seen in every film he's directed, no matter how big," Gunn tweeted. "His personal voice, and his humanity, have never been drowned out by commercial or corporate pressures."

Reeves has said before that his take on Bruce Wayne would be very early on in the crimefighter's career. While it wouldn't necessarily pull inspiration from the beloved Year One comics, it would be set shortly after that timeframe.

"I wanted to get into the mindset of the character and I wanted to think of the psychology. For me, I think one of the cool deep dive ones was Darwyn's Ego. He's confronting the beast that is Batman and it's that kind of duality... there's a lot in what it's trying to do in the story about him confronting the shadow side of himself and the degree to which you have self knowledge," Reeves told fans last year at DC FanDome.

"You're able to understand your motivations, but he's broken Batman and why he's doing all of these things for the reasons that he thinks is right and that have a heroic sort of grounding in them," he added. "There's also many things that are driven by the parts of himself he doesn't yet know, and so I would say that that kind of sort of psychological union, that sort of version is very much connected to the vision from Darwyn Cooke's Ego."


The Suicide Squad is currently set for release on August 6th while The Batman has a March 4, 2022 release date.

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