Jungle Cruise 2 Producer Teases Worldwide Adventure in the Sequel

Disney accomplished its mission with the recent live-action adaptation of Jungle Cruise, following the success of the Pirates of the Caribbean movies and turning a beloved theme park ride into a film franchise. Even with the ongoing pandemic, Jungle Cruise did well enough at the box office and with the Disney+ Premier Access program to earn itself a sequel. That sequel, which will see Dwayne Johnson and Emily Blunt reprising their starring roles, will somehow manage to be even bigger and bolder than its predecessor.

The first Jungle Cruise movie mirrored the story of the popular Disney ride (to an extent) and takes place entirely in the Amazon. According to franchise producer and Seven Bucks president Hiram Garcia, the sequel is getting a more global treatment. Expect a lot more locations and adventures the second time around.

"I think one thing fans can expect is our heroes covering more territory," Garcia told The Wrap. "Our first movie mainly went between London and the Amazon, but for this next adventure we have much bigger plans. That coupled with the joy of seeing how Frank and Lilly's relationship continues to evolve are just a few of the many things we've been having fun playing with as we break story."

Garcia went on to say that Jungle Cruise 2 has become a priority for both Seven Bucks and Disney, which is saying a lot considering how many projects both companies have in development. Johnson and Seven Bucks have numerous projects in the works together, but it sounds like some of them may have to wait until after Jungle Cruise 2 gets through production.

"We loved making that movie, and not only making that movie but the family that we created coming off of it," Garcia continued. "We love Emily Blunt and can't do enough with her; she's become such a close friend to the production team and the filmmakers. Her and DJ are the best of friends and have been deeply involved with us on development. We have an idea of what we want to do and the adventure we want to take these guys on. It's a big priority for us and Disney, and we can't wait to take the fans on another ride with this group."

Disney's Jungle Cruise was released in theaters and on Disney+ Premier Access earlier this year, but it's finally being made available as part of the service's regular subscriber lineup. November 12th is Disney+ Day, and it will see Jungle Cruise added to the roster alongside Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings.