Jurassic World: Dominion to Feature More Animatronic Dinosaurs Than Previous Films

Jurassic World: Dominion is set to feature more animatronic dinosaurs than previous films. This news should come as a welcome announcement for the fans who have been asking for more practical effects in these later films in the series. Director Colin Trevorrow sat down with Collider to talk about the upcoming Jurassic World entry. The proposition of revising Jurassic Park was met with raised eyebrows before the first movie came out and delivered impressive box office. After that, Fallen Kingdom doubled down on some of the modernity, which rubbed people expecting a return to the practical effects that made the series so popular the wrong way. But, it sounds like fans will be getting what they've been asking for in Dominion.

"We've actually gone more practical with every Jurassic movie we've made since the first one, and we've made more animatronics in this one than we have in the previous two," he said. "And the thing that I've found, especially in working in the past couple months, is that we finally reached a point where it's possible to… digital extensions on animatronics will be able to match the texture and the level of fidelity that, on film, an animatronic is going to be able to bring. And you didn't use to be able to really mix them. You could really see the seams. And so that part of it is very exciting for me."

The director also spoke about why all the original cast are getting back together after some curious absences during the last two movies.

"We'd have had to come up with a reason why Ellie, Malcolm and Grant all went to the theme park on the exact same day it broke down – again," Trevorrow said explaining their absence in the first film. "The next film allows the legacy characters to be a part of the story in an organic way. Emily Carmichael and I call it Jurassic Park VI because it is."

"You start asking the most basic questions: who are these people now?" he added. "What do they make of the new world they're living in, and how do they feel about being part of its history? Ultimately it will be in collaboration with the actors. They know and love these characters. We'll do it together."


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