Jurassic World Dominion Crosses $900 Million Worldwide

The latest installment of the Jurassic World franchise continues to be a force at the box office. The performance has slowed down a bit in recent weeks, with the release of new films like Minions: Rise of Gru and Thor: Love and Thunder. But Jurassic World Dominion is still chugging along in theaters, and it is getting even closer to the $1 billion mark at the global box office. As of this weekend, the film is less than $100 million from reaching that milestone.

This weekend, Jurassic World Dominion crossed the $900 million mark at the worldwide box office. It now sits at $902.5 million around the globe, and that total will continue to increase over the next few weeks. To this point, Jurassic World Dominion has totaled around $542.8 million in international markets.

It remains to be seen whether or not Jurassic World Dominion will hit $1 billion this summer, but the Jurassic franchise as a whole is getting close to $6 billion in total revenue. There will also be fans wondering if Dominion will be getting some kind of Director's Cut, as Colin Trevorrow has teased that he had to remove a lot from the theatrical version of the movie.

"There is a scene, and if people have seen the movie, by the time we talk about it, when we're in the amber clave market, the underground market in Malta," Trevorrow explained to Collider. "There is a scene where our Lystrosaurus, which is the animal that ends up in the fight ring with Chris Pratt sitting next to Kayla has a fight with an Oviraptor. And it's honestly one of my favorite things in the movie, and it's not in the movie. You'll get a chance to see it someday. But it's just one of those kinds of moments that you can kind of tell that it's the 12-year-old who was allowed to make the film, coming forward and doing a sequence. So that one's pretty dope."

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