Zack Snyder’s Justice League Actor Ray Porter Teases His Darkseid Role: “There Was a Lot of Work”

Ray Porter is Darkseid. The actor originally filmed scenes for the DC Comics team-up years ago [...]

Ray Porter is Darkseid. The actor originally filmed scenes for the DC Comics team-up years ago though his character was removed entirely from the theatrical version. Now the Snyder Cut is officially being released on HBO Max sometime next year — under the name Zack Snyder's Justice League, mind you — the actor has confirmed he'll be in the final project as previously intended. According to Porter himself, his Darkseid role was "a lot of work."

"I definitely knew that I was part of something enormous, but the way Zack works, and the general attitude of everybody who's worked with him so closely for so many years, is really really positive," Porter said on a recent stop on the LightCast podcast. "It was a very kind, friendly, happy set, and great work was getting done. It felt really good, it felt really great. I will say that the lycra mocap suit didn't feel great. Ciarán [Hinds] and I both looked odd in our lycra mocap suits [laughs]."

Hinds, of course, played long-time Darkseid lieutenant Steppenwolf, the character that ended up appearing in the theatrical release of the film once all of Darkseid's moments were scrubbed from the film. "It was a very supportive, it was a well-oiled machine, first of all," Porter added. "These are massive productions and incredibly talented artisans, incredibly talented crew members and cast all working at their absolute capacity, so you really knew you were part of something important and mattered. And at the same time you felt very comfortable, it was very friendly."

As the actor points out, it's never a given on how many scenes of an actor's will make it into the final film. Even now that he knows for sure he'll finally appear in the film via the HBO Max release, he's still not certain at what extent the Darkseid role will go. "Obviously you never know how much… I know what I did, and you never know how much is going to be in the film, because editing occurs," Porter concludes. "If it all comes out in the wash in 2021 and I'm not in as much as I thought I would be, or there was stuff that's cut, that's just part of the deal, that's part of the process. But there was a lot of work. There was a lot of work. Obviously not as much as some other cast members, but there was a lot going on."

Zack Snyder's Justice League is set for release on HBO Max sometime next year.