Kevin Smith's Dream Is to Be in a Marvel Movie, Not Direct One

Kevin Smith's had his fair share of genre directing gigs. Over the past few years, the fan-favorite filmmaker has helmed a handful of different shows in The CW's Arrowverse from Supergirl to The Flash and beyond. Should the opportunity arise one day, it stands to reasons the director would helm a Marvel property at the tip of a hat, right? When we spoke with Smith on's Talking Shop, he told us that's simply not the case; rather, his dream is to appear on-screen in a property via a cameo. That sounds like a prime opportunity for Marvel's reboot of Daredevil, no?

"I don't have one, because those movies are complicated," Smith says of having a dream Marvel directing project. "Look at the behind-the-scenes things, the Russo Brothers worked on Endgame for a year. It's worth it, but I don't have that kind of talent, tolerance, or patience. I couldn't do it."

That's when the director revealed that, if anything, he'd be floored to get a call from Marvel with the honored cameo role. "My dream more so than making one of those movies would be if they called me up and were like, 'Would you like to be in one of those movies?' That's the dream, man," he adds. "Because I don't consider myself an actor but those Marvel movies, that's my soap operas. I love those. Those are my go-to happy place. I just rewatched Infinity War yesterday and Black Panther as well, so if they were like, 'Come be in one,' that would mean more to me than directing one."

Even then, Smith suggests he wouldn't even want to write the script for a Marvel blockbuster because he feels the writing of the films are on a different level other than what he's personally capable of. "Even that seems hard, 'cause I can kind of consider myself a good writer for Kevin Smith, but I couldn't do what [Christopher] Markus and [Stephen] McFeely did with the Endgame and Infinity War scripts and all they've wrote," Smith says.

"That's a specialized talent and I'll tell you why it's specialized talent because I know how the sausage is made," he concludes. "You put a line here and a line here and it will evoke emotion in somebody. I get it. I've been to the circus, I've run a circus. That shit shouldn't work on me and yet when I walk into those movies, they absolutely work. They pull the wool over the eyes of somebody that knows this is a trick. That's a specialized kind of writing that I can't do."


Cover photo by Suzi Pratt/WireImage