Kong: Skull Island and Metal Gear Solid Director Jordan Vogt-Roberts Shaves Iconic Beard

Filmmaker Jordan Vogt-Roberts is a fan favorite not only for his online presence but his feature film oeuvre as well. So far the filmmaker has directed feature films The Kings of Summer and Kong: Skull Island, has a planned adaptation of Metal Gear Solid which fans have been foaming at the mouth about for some time, and directed amazing commercials for video games Destiny 2, PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, and Marvel's Avengers. Vogt-Roberts has another tremendous claim to fame though, and it's, as Jim Broadbent would say in Hot Fuzz, a great big bushy beard. As long as some people's arms, Vogt-Roberts has sported the giant beard for years, but in a New Year's tweet revealed he's gotten rid of it.

Writing an introspective and personal tweet about his year, Vogt-Roberts opened up about his growth and obstacles that he overcame throughout 2020, while also revealing that he's a fresh faced young man again. "2020 was cruel," he wrote. "Many discard New Years Resolutions as "that thing no one follows up on", but this year I reclaimed & strengthened my body losing 60+ lbs and manually (tediously) rewired my neurology so I could escape chronic pain....Also, I wanted to see my face again." See the proof yourself below!

Vogt-Roberts previously opened up about why he decided to grow his beard as lengthy as he did in an interview Inquirer.net back in 2017, revealing that he was previously in an accident where having a lengthy beard helped him out in an unexpected way.

"I was in an accident where I got burned. My beard got singed. The doctor was like, 'If you didn't have your beard, you'd probably be blind right now.' Because the beard absorbed the fire. That's a hipster accomplishment—a badge of honor (laughs). When I got skin grafts, they had to shave it all off. So I was, now I need to bring my beard back. Then, it became a game of chicken—how long can it grow? Now, I look like a monster."

We think you look great Jordan, also we can't wait for Metal Gear Solid.


(Cover Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images)