Man of Steel Is Finally Coming to HBO Max

HBO Max is getting Man of Steel on its service to start out next month. On October 1st you can watch the Zack Snyder film on the streaming platform to your heart's content. When HBO's latest app launched, a lot of viewers were wondering where some of the no-brainer movie selections were on day one. But, better late than never and Warner Bros. is turning up the heat with their efforts to get all of that amazing DC Universe content over to HBO Max. Over the summer, as more news about Zack Snyder's Justice League began to eke out, and the general boredom of quarantine gripped the nation, people began to revisit the Superman film and relitigate its place among all the iterations of the character that had come beforehand.

Earlier this year,'s Kofi Outlaw argued that Man of Steel is the best Superman film for the site. One of his biggest arguments turns the fan sentiment about the most controversial choice in the film on its head. In essence, Man of Steel gives Superman some complexity for the modern age.

"Man of Steel takes the bold approach of truly exploring the full character of Superman, as both a homegrown American icon and an otherworldly figure from an alien culture (with all the religious metaphor in between)," Outlaw explains. "While other Superman films (like Superman I and II) also explored the dual cultures that make Kal-El/Superman who he is, Man of Steel delivered everything from his Kansas upbringing and Americana values, to a full-on alien invasion, and made it all feel as if it could believably and cohesively exist within our modern world and sensibilities. The reboot makes Clark/Kal-El feel more relatable and real, by depicting him as being flawed as the rest of us."

He continued, "Some viewers like to criticize the "brooding Superman" or "killer Superman" the film depicts; however, by exploring Clark Kent/Kal-El's internal struggles and insecurities before he finds his way to a nobler heroic outlook, Man of Steel earns Superman's heroism in a way that few other versions of the character have."

"One of the biggest proofs that Man of Steel is milestone cinematic accomplishment, is that we're still talking about it, over half a decade later," Outlaw added. "Various decisions and scenes in Zack Snyder's film (like Pa Kent's death, or Superman killing Zod) have never stopped being debated within the fandom. Love or hate the decisions, the impact of the movie is undeniable. Some say the test of good art is how long it stays relevant - Man of Steel is still a trending topic, despite being released before trending topics were even a thing."


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