The Rock Refuses To Concede Sexiest Man Alive Title To Michael B. Jordan

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is refusing to concede the Sexiest Man Alive title to Michael B. Jordan. The WWE legend congratulated the Black Panther star on Instagram but wasn’t ready to hand over the crown willingly. Jordan’s honor was well-deserved as social media just can’t get enough of the Creed actor. He partnered with a bunch of venues to bring people drive-in movies during the pandemic and even has a hand in the developing Static Shock solo film. But, for The People’s Champ, it will take a lot more than that to abdicate his throne so willingly. As it stands now, this is just a charming back-and-forth between two actors that basically everybody loves, and that’s just nice to see.

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In the spread for People, Johnson actually allowed a peek at what family life is like for the “Most Electrifying Man in Sports Entertainment.” One thing is always clear, the man loves his kids and his wife to pieces.

“My favorite time of the day is before the sun rises and our babies are still sleeping. I can get great productive work done in my office, and of course I love when they call for me on the baby monitors—then it’s breakfast time!” he described the day before shifting to night. “That’s when the babies are asleep and it’s ’Netflix and chill’ time with me and Lauren and a glass of Teremana. I’ll say no more before I get in trouble.”

Jordan talked about his win in a video posted to social media and longtime fans are probably going to love his perspective on the honor.

"My name is Michael B. Jordan, and I am this year's Sexiest Man Alive," Jordan told People. "The people said it. I think I'm gonna get the most grief from everybody. From my agents to my best friends. You know, any one of my guy friends. Everybody in the group chat. The group chat is gonna go crazy when this comes out. It's going to be entertaining, trust me."


"What went through my head when I found out? It was a cool feeling," he added. "Obviously, other people have made so many comments and jokes about...whenever you announce who the guy is, everybody has their comments and they have things they want to say about it. They always make the joke at me like, 'Mike, it's the one thing you're probably not gonna get.' And it was just like, 'Yeah, whatever,' I kind of brush it off. So it was a good feeling. It's cool. It's a good club to be a part of."

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