Rob Liefeld and Marc Guggenheim Break Silence on Prophet Movie

After speculation recently kicked off that Arrow co-creator and "Crisis on Infinite Earths" showrunner Marc Guggenheim might be working with Deadpool creator Rob Liefeld to bring Prophet to life on the screen, news officially broke today that the pair were developing the script at Studio 8. Shortly after that, both Liefeld and Guggenheim took to social media to break their silence on the project. Each of the two chimed in to compliment the other's work, the public start of a relationship that has likely been going on for a while behind the scenes. Last month, Liefeld had said on social media that the Prophet movie had a writer in place and that he was excited to work with him.

Liefeld said previously that 2020 was "set as the target for a return to form for John Prophet." Liefeld had the film set up at Studio 8 last year. The character of Prophet first appeared in 1992 in one of Liefeld's first issues of Youngblood and quickly proved so popular he got his own, best-selling solo book the next year.

You can see Liefeld's post, and Guggenheim's reply, below.

Prophet's last comic outing wrapped up in late 2016. As part of a 2012 relaunch of a number of the Liefeld-owned Image Comics titles, Prophet was relaunched with Brandon Graham and a rotating team of artists. That story would play out until 2014 and then be continued in a 2016 miniseries, all of which has since been collected.

The title centers on John Prophet, a homeless man in the '40s, who volunteered to be experimented on by Dr. Horatio Wells, a time-traveling scientist from the future who used DNA-enhancing methods to transform Prophet into a super-soldier. Originally engineered for evil, Wells had a change of heart and reset Prophet, but after being placed into stasis for decades and awakened by Youngblood, he mistook them as enemies, leading to him becoming the team's antagonist in his first appearance.


More details on this as they become available. What do you think about the possibility of a Prophet movie from Liefeld? Sound off in the comments.