Ryan Reynolds Has Hilarious Response for Fan Who Wants to Rent Green Lantern for Cheap Price

There's no doubt that Ryan Reynolds' budding career as a superhero actor took a major hit when he starred in Green Lantern. And while there are many positives to be gained from that movie, from starring alongside his future wife Blake Lively to acting alongside Taika Waititi and Mark Strong, Reynolds is still able to poke fun at himself for starring in the CGI-infected flop. The actor's superhero credibility has since bounced back thanks to his role in the Deadpool franchise of movies, but Reynolds still isn't able to look back at Green Lantern with pride.

After the actor was asked by a fan if he'd recommend renting a digital version of Green Lantern for the low sum of .99 cents, Reynolds provided a humorous response.

"Walk away," the star tweeted to the inquiring fan, with no cares in the world.

Reynolds has been known to throw shade at the movie he starred in back in 2011, at a time some might considered to be before mega-stardom came his way. Between working in more than enough jokes through his work on the Deadpool movies or continually poking fun at the property through a handful of jokes on social media over the years.

Even on the press tour for Deadpool 2 — which took place years after the release of Green Lantern — fans still wondered if the actor disliked the space-faring flick more than his panned role in X-Men: Origins. "Both have been an endless spring of jokes for Deadpool," joked Reynolds. "Both were amazing experiences to work on, and I loved working on them."

"As an actor you are blessed to be in that position to shoot any movie that size, so I appreciate the chance.... but both were really, really pretty bad."

Green Lantern was panned by critics and fans alike. The movie has a 26-percent Rotten rating on Rotten Tomatoes, with just 63 (out of 242) critics saying they liked the movie more than they disliked. Despite the Audience Score on the site typically being much higher than the critic's score, that's not the case here — even the audience gives Green Lantern just a 45-percent rating.


Green Lantern is now available on Apple TV for 99 cents, even though Reynolds recommend you don't rent it.

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